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Certified Nuring Assistants in Washington, DC

medical practitionerIndividual clients, care providers, and healthcare agencies have gone very rigorous when it comes to their recruitment and staffing process. They only accept applicants who have the necessary years of experience and the required certification to meet their qualifications.

Bethel Training Institute, Inc. is a licensed facility to provide training and confer certifications to individuals who have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills needed for their course. We offer certification for the following:

  • Certified Home Health Aide Training
  • CPR (Adult and Child CPR/AED)

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Our Mission Statement

Bethel Training Institute is established to provide appropriate instruction and occupational skills training that will enable individuals to:

  • Obtain Home Care job qualification in a short period
  • Learn basic patient care skills
  • Qualify to apply for entry level Home Care employment
  • Earn Income
  • Further career growth and development
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Home Health Aide (HHA)

We provide the best Home Health Aide training to make you ready for the challenges of the industry.

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6 Week Training Program

Get certified and trained in just six weeks through our highly-comprehensive program.

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